Oklahoma, The Beautiful Land
Oklahoma, Scenic Beauty, Ecoregions

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    The different Oklahoma. The "beautiful land."

    A misconception of Oklahoma, has kept many from seeing Oklahoma's beautiful scenery, which includes the lush mountain ranges of the east to the stark beauty of the high plains.

    Often thought of as flat, dry and dusty, Oklahoma and most of the west for that matter, have suffered from false imagery depicted in movies filmed in the desert areas of California and neighboring areas.

    Indians, relocated from the eastern states to Indian Territory well-named Oklahoma the "beautiful land."

    Washington Irving, on his Western tour, described one over night stay in Oklahoma as "We spent the morning in one of the most beautiful stretches of forest that I have ever seen."

    Oklahoma's 11 Ecoregions.

    To illustrate the bountifulness of scenery, Oklahoma has 11 different ecoregions. Oklahoma is one of only four U.S. states to have more than 10 ecoregions. Oklahoma has four main mountain ranges, in addition to several smaller ranges.

    These ecoregions are: Western high plains, Southwestern Tablelands, Central Great Plains, Tall Grass Prairie, Cross Timbers, Caves & Prairie, Ozark Highlands, Ozark Forest, Hardwood Forest, Ouachita Mountains, and Cypress Swamps & Forests.

    Tallgrass Prairie

    Grass on the Tallgrass Prairie would reach 8 or 9 feet high! The sod and root system extended equally as deep. Settlers to this region stripped the Tallgrass Prairie grass to farm the fertile land. It was this stripping of the natural cover of the Tallgrass Prairie, that allowed the dust bowl.

    Oklahoma's humid subtropical climate zone

    If one were to travel from the semi-arid climate in the High Plains on the western border of Oklahoma to the humid subtropical climate zone along the mountains in Southeastern Oklahoma, a trip of well over 500 miles, the average rainfall increases by one inch per year, for every 10 miles distance.

    Ancient Cross Timbers

    In between is one would pass through the ancient Cross Timbers with trees over 500 years old. The Cross Timbers is one of the largest and least disturbed forest left in the eastern United States.

    Oklahoma's eco variety allows the sun to rise in a misty morn in the Eastern Oklahoma skies. Then set in a gorgeous display of soft hues of warm flames that can only be seen in south western skies.

  • Oklahoma's lakes and rivers have more miles of shoreline than that of any of the other 49 states.

  • Oklahoma has as varied, if not more varied, scenery than any other state.

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