Oklahoma Nights, Rare Sights
Heaven at night in clear Western skies.

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    After a Western sunset's delight,
       In the land of stars so bright,
       Skies yield tapestry of night,
       A rare heavenly sight.
    Where the Milky Way flows,
       Night skies still come aglow,
       Every unseen star shows,
       Over peaceful life below.
    Lying on fields of new mown hay,
       Sprays of the Milky Way,
       Minds drift astray,
       Life survey, futures portray.
    Air so crisp and clear,
       Brings heaven so near,
       All nature one can hear,
       When still doe and fawn may appear.
    In such quite sound,
       Worries will be drowned,
       To never be found,
       Future hopes unbound.
    Serene scenes,
       Endless star streams,
       Blending with moon beams,
       Spawn romantic schemes. 
    Frees minds to wander,
       Think and ponder,
       Dream and wonder,
       About the yonder.
    On this bright mystic stage,
       Peace and awe birth a composing sage,
       Life's mysteries now engage,
       Rewrite life's story every page.

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