The Little Horned Toad
An Ode to the Little Horned Toad

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    Here is an ode,
       An ode bout a lonely little toad.
       A funny looking little toad.
       This ode is bout that little horned toad.
    A little known toad;
       A little four toed toad;
       Found along a dusty road;
       Found on that Road Runner's road.
    It is a horned lizard we are told;
       But, ask any country kid what is this toad?
       They will say, why this is a little horned toad,
       This barbed looking little toad.
    Now, there are hopping toads,
       We have our jumping toads,
       Then there are swimming toads,
       But, none of these are little horned toads.
    And, you may see a walking toad,
       You may hear a croaking toad,
       You may even feel a slippery toad,
       None of these a little horned toad.
    Never under a stool, 
       Not this little toad.
       A cover of sand is the abode,
       For this cool little toad.
    Some say a scooting toad,
       Some say a rooting toad,
       Across the road it scoots,
       In the sand it roots.	
    Next time you walk a sandy road,
       Look for an ant eating toad?
       Is it a hissing toad?
       If all yes, then its a little horned toad.
    Stories and tales are told,
       Of the little horned toad.
       But, when stories and tales unfold,
       Mostly myths are told.
    Superstitions are told,
       About this little horned toad,
       About this puffing toad,
       This blood squirting eyes toad.
    Some think it a scary toad,
       But, it is just a harmless little toad,
       A scared little toad we should never goad.
       And, do be careful how you hold.
    Thorns its head adorns.
       Around its neck is worn,
       Scales that look like horns.
       It will puff to bluff, and hiss to warn.
    The little horned toad is a throwback toad.
       A toad of the dinosaur mode.
       But it is just a shy little toad. 
       A frightened little toad.
    If it is not a country road,
       Then it is not a horned toad,
       If it is not a lonely road,
       Then it is not a horned toad. 
    If it is not a sandy road,
       Then it is not a horned toad,
       If it is not a four toed toad,
       Then it is not a horned toad. 
    If every you are on a dusty, sandy, country road,
       Look for the little four toed toad,
       Remember be gentle with this little toad,
       It is only a scared little toad. 

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