The Mother Road
Route 66, Highway 66, Will Rogers Highway

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    There are tales to be told,
       Told in a road ode, 
       Bout the Mother Road.
    An adventure road,
       A romantic road,
       A storied road.
    Listening to tales,
       Man found Indian trails,
       Followed with wagon trails.
    Of that one Westward way,
       Man did a survey,
       Laid a highway.
    A ride of endless seams,
       A road of many schemes,
       A path for eternal dreams.  
    A road of untold grass clumps,
       A road of a thousand gas pumps,
       A ride of endless Ka-thump, Ka-thumps. 
    Described in romantic song and ode,
       That ribbon of highway ode,
       Is Woody's song road.
    Hear America's inspiring song in ode,
       Feel the romance of America's dream road,
       The go west tug of that road.
    A happy and sad road,
       When times of despair did bode,    
       It became the Joad road.
    Nightly campfires glowed,
       Family burried beside that road,  
       Souls forgotten graves still hold.
    A meandering road,
       A peaceful road,
       The Westerly migration road.
    Goes forever it seems,
       Its old movie screens,
       Picturesque desert scenes.
    Unlimited peaceful views to sketch,
       On so many a scenic stretch,	  
       For memories to fetch.
    On a serene Oklahoma drive of road,
       Travel the heart of the Mother Road,
       America's glory road, this road.
    Panoramic views of the Western span crest,
       Heaven and skies at their best,
       America's entrance to the West.
    Over land nature so blessed,
       Beautifully caressed,
       Romance possessed.
    Pass an old farm,
       Catch a scenic barn,
       America's serene charm.
    Passing nature's prairie stage,
       Eyes and hearts engage, 
       Fields of wafting coral sage.
    While at that stage,
       Turn a seasonal page,
       See fields of autumn sage.
    Man's quarry,
       The road to glory,
       America's story.
    A road most rode with out care,
       Some rode in despair, 
       For all it was a trip affair,
    Lure found this road,
       Hope took this road,
       Man romanced this road.
    America's romantic road,
       America's glory road,
       America's Mother road.

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