Stormy Weather
Severe Weather, Nature's Dichotomy

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  • Renew
    A story to be told,
       Nature to behold,
       Where hot meets cold,
       Awesome powers unfold. 
    Nature's blender,
       To some an offender,
       To some splendor,
       To all an awesome wonder.
    Natures most romantic skies,
       Most times the clearest skies,
       Few times the darkest skies,
       Most violent skies.
    When sky's extremes rally,
       Along weather's rift valley,
       There is a grand finale,
       Up tornado alley.
    Skies once serene,
       Turn green, then mean,
       A fearful scene,
       Natures warning scene.
    Across the hills,
       Black clouds grow,
       Thunder peals,
       Strong winds blow.
    As storms near,
       Some frozen by fear,
       Others struck by awe,
       Neither able to withdraw.
    Skies start the attack,
       Flashes quiver,
       Thunder wracks,
       Flow like a river.
    Heavens hailing,
       Debris sailing,
       Clouds tailing,
       Sirens wailing.
    Gone is the still,
       The real, turns unreal,
       Brings a scary feel,
       Then surreal.
    Trees bend,
       Charges crawl the skin,
       Hair lifts in the wind,
       Fear and awe blend.
    Winds lash,
       Trees tumble,
       The scared dash,
       And stumble.
    Lightning streaks up and down,
       Deafening sounds,
       Flashes surround,
       The surround confounds.
    In the midst,
       Of the tempest,
       Comes the twist,
       If it exist.
    Then as suddenly as sent,
       Rains relent,
       The tempest spent,
       The storm went.
    Leaving cleansed plains,
       The smell of fresh rain,
       Tranquility springs,
       Things of wing sing.
    Nature came this way,
       Its power on display,
       Causes man to pray,
       Then goes away.


    The above is a description of a mythical storm system that has the potential to produce damaging tornados. As dangerous as an actual tornado is, we would be remiss to neglect the appreciation gained by witnessing the display of power that nature controls.

    Each year the Tornado Alley area of the US experiences numerous storm systems that could produce tornados. In reality, the chance for a tornado to hit a particular area is very small. Few people who live a normal lifetime in Tornado Alley will ever be close enough to witness an actual tornado. Let alone be in the path. The path of a tornado is very narrow, but very devastating to whatever is in the path.

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