Sunsets, Sounds and Gabriel's Hounds
Oklahoma Sunsets

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  • Renew
    When sunsets start to take shape,
       The sky adorns an elegant cape,
       A setting of peaceful escape.
    The scene arrives in a golden hue,
       Wrapped in sky blue,
       Grief and sorrow to subdue.
    Across a panoramic terrace,
       Blessed with beauty's preordained grace,
       Tranquilities welcomingly embrace.
    To all eyes please, all minds ease,
       The sky's seas, for a moment seize, 
       Wispy trails of heaven's breeze.
    As angels float across the Neosha Grand,
       Stroll through the soft Cimarron sand,
       They gather with their gentle hand.
    On nature's perfect cue,
       Artistically dust rainbows of hue,
       On a canvas of soft blue.
    Comes a special evening show,
       When the sun's path is low,
       Change in seasons start to show.
    To and fro the land of snow,
       Across  that river of color they flow,
       Low and slow in the sunset's glow.
    Gabriel's graceful hounds,
       Signaling their sounds,
       Making their rounds.
    Peaceful scenes without debt,
       Peaceful times we never forget,
       Souls reborn with each sunset.
    Sunsets there to sway,
       Instill to pray, hear God's say,
       Enlighten God's way.

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