Land Of Romantic Skies
Oklahoma's Days of Sun

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  • Renew
    The day's debut,
       Skies of dawn anew,
       Casting an amber hue,
       Over fresh dew.
    Light of a new day,
       Far from the way,
       Of City haze,
       A clear and cheerful day.
    A rising orange disk,
       Hangs over the mist,
       Lifting the day's list,
       Of romantic twist.
    As the sun flows,
       A gentle breeze blows,
       The Redbud shows,
       Soothing woes.
    Delicate shroud,
       Of a lone silky cloud,
       Whispering loud,
       Singing glory proud.
    Cross a sky of blue,
       Sometimes a deep blue,
       Sometimes a milky blue,
       Sometimes a silky cloud or two.
    Skies so clear one could see,
       In a far off tree,
       A canary and a bee,
       Sharing tea.
    Graceful birds seen,
       Adorning a sky serene,
       Scenes between,
       God's heavenly cuisine.
    Angels pray,
       While eagles play, 
       Where cattle lay,
    	 Over fresh hay.
    Where red hawks,
       Doing their sky walks,
       While geese flock,
       To fields of wheat stalk.
    While the sun glows,
       One farmer mows,
       Another sows,
       More wheat grows.
    A windmill vane
       Rides the wind train,
       To bring the plain,
       A drink for the grain.
    Duties tend,
       Until days end,
       Sun's rays bend,
       Peace descends.
    Seas of butterflies,
       Floating in day skies,
       Til seas of fireflies,
       Adorn night skies.
    A beautiful sky,
       An erratic sky,
       A dramatic sky,
       Land of the romantic sky.

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