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    Outside a peaceful falling snow,
       Inside a warm fireplace glow.
    Suddenly there appears an angel in glow,
       Smiling and holding a golden rose.
    Blades of an old windmill vane, Shades of a bygone window pane, Fades as a lunar wane. What a sad day, While we are free to play, In lonely graves heroes lay.
    If your heart you let me borrow, I will be the spring of all your sorrows, For all tomorrows. If your heart you will let me caress, Happiness you will forever possess, Love you will never guess.
    Tonight I paint the words on a wall, Painting "no names at all". Words so sweet every girl passing this wall, Wishing she were the girl of the wall.
    Come setting sun, Others we shall shun, Strolling sandy beaches alone. Behind a hidden sand dune, A romantic love commune, By the light of the silvery moon.
    Harmonious love I met in a wink, Sweeter than a fruit drink, Hotter than hot pink. Oh, you pretty little mink, When I see you in that hot pink, Then I can't even think.
    Didn't know I was lonely before, But, not anymore more, You are what I was lonely for. Now let me row you to the shore, On a secret island with a love store, Supply you happiness forevermore.
    You are, the girl of my dreams, The woman of my schemes. That is the perfect love team, That is what I mean!
    On this very night, You have found your knight, I, my hearts delight. Days of a flowering tree, Nights of jubilee, All life a love spree.
    Sweet words easily flow, About the loveliest lady I know, The prettiest to ever wear a bow. After these years your grace still radiantly aglow, Your sweetness never ceases to flow, Your beauty as striking as our first hello.
    This love poetry, About a bird and a bee, Sitting on a sugar tree. Straight from a bird of love, on a sugar tree Witnessed by a honey bee, it is you and me! What we knew it to be, is meant to be!
    For a love to work, It can't just be told. For a love to be real, It must be a love you feel.
    You took a heart made to never part, Piece by piece, you took this heart apart, You took destroying a loving heart, too a fine art.
    My heart ask why, Why do you cry, Your eyes so dry. Wait for the right tree, you see, Bitter fruit holds the wrong tree, Sweet fruit bears the chosen tree.
    Every man deserves a good woman, Man gave his rib for an adoring woman, A loyal, forgiving, respectful woman. A man deserves a woman like his faithful dog. Or, we want our ribs back!
    Drove this whole day, A very long day. Drove a long way, On this long highway. Ka-Thump, Ka-Thump, Ka-Thump Horns blare, I swear, "Pee on all you grumps!" Some road rage here. Jerks need some head thumps. Ka-Thump, Ka-Thump, Ka-Thump
    Have you ever seen, A trauma momma queen, I mean a real queen of mean. Not just a grump, But, a downright rump, And princess of the tear pump.
    With her mean queen trump, She says "you are a rump." Are a rump, are a rump. I say, "Say, Queen Grump, Are those grey hair clumps?" Grey clumps, grey clumps.

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