Leaving The Dust Behind
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    1. The Dust Bowl, Man's Disaster   2. A Dust Storm
    4. Refugee Migration   5. End of the Road
    Good times turned to bad times,
       Bad times turned to hard times,
       Hard times turned to bygone times.
    Lost the seeds sowed, 
       Lost dreams that once glowed,
       Now nothing showed.
    No longer dreams they dare,
       Food rare, bare clothes to wear, 
       Could only talk about how unfair.
    With nothing to hold,
       But, debts they owed,
       Came time to fold.
    Feeling failure pains,
       While hunger remains,
       Fathers would hide and cry in vain.
    A life of endless despair,
       Family and friends did care,
       Yet nothing to share, but hope and prayer.
    Left to sleep on a floor in what they wore,
       For some a broken down chair,
       To set and stare at cupboards bare.
    No sleep while babies did weep,
       Dirty floors to sweep,
       Still bills would heap.
    With bankers they would plead,
       Couldn't meet the agreed,
       Knowing skies would not heed,
       Bankers could not heed,
       The deed they must cede.
    In time the powerful did admit,
       The strongest had to submit,
       Time to quit.
    With no future to hold,
       Willing to grasp anything they were told,
       Of a promise land, they were told,
       Where hopes and dreams would unfold.
    Pickers needed they were told,
       Were the fruit grow'd, 
       Fill the empty stomach fold.
    Jobs a plenty they were told,
       Jobs they could hold,
       Could pay back that owed.
    Take the California road,
       Go where the money flowed,
       A new life to behold.
    The only chose they were told,
       The dream grabbed hold,
       And, so they were sold.

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