A Dust Storm
Watching The Coming and Experiencing The Storm
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    1. The Dust Bowl, Man's Disaster   3. Leaving The Dust Behind
    4. Refugee Migration   5. End of the Road
    Dark clouds across a 100 mile horizon,
       Carried by a 50 knot mizzen,
       Churning dust two miles above the horizon.
    An approaching banshee,
       Birds and animals trying to flee,
       Shrouded in darkness none could see.
    Dust drifting like snow,
       Before the blow would slow,
       And stay, till the next blow.
    Dust piles crossing the roads,
       Dust piles, dust piles.
       Dust piles everywhere.
    Dust unlike flood waters does not recede,
       Dust unlike snow does not melt,
       Dust left the landscape a moonscape.
    Dust covered houses,
       Dust piles blocking doors,
       Dust piles climbing the walls.
    Dust through door and window cracks,
       Dust soaked beds and clothes,
       Dust filled homes.
    Dust caked skin and hair,
       Dust coated eyes, ears and lungs,
       Dust left dirty and muddy waters.
    Dust took the crops,
       Dust ruined the food,
       Dust only left a hopeless mood.
    Dust of lost rains,
       Dust of no gains,
       Dust of hunger pains.
    Dust choked breathing, 
       Dust caused sickness,
       Dust brought death.
    Dust on tear caked mothers' cheeks remain,
       Dust whipped man's pride to shame,
       Dust reduced Santa to a mere candy cane.
    Dust endless, timeless, relentless.
    Dust robbed man of his toil and soil,
       Then stole his sole.

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