Oklahoma Land Run
A New State In Nne day

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    At the peak of Western expand,
       Some of the Indian land,
       Was still unassigned land.
    A fertile grazing land,
       Boomers felt was in the wrong hand,
       Time for the white man.
    Some saw an opportunity grand,
       The ultimate westward expand,
       Open the unassigned land.
    With hope's for new land bleak,
       Manifest Destiny found its peak,
       Along many an Oklahoma creek.
    To become a home staker,
       Free land for any taker,
       Fee, just twelve bits an acre.
    From the world they came,
       Those who were game,
       To stake a claim.
    Masses came to wait,
       For the opening of the gate,
       Create a new state.
    Gathered before noon,
       Along the border strewn,
       Waiting the bugler's tune.
    One man tired an early run,
       Was caught by a bullet from a soldiers gun,
       Then the run was less one.
    At high sun,
       The bugler's note hung,
       To start a volley of guns.
    The surge sprung,
       The great land run,
       Had finally begun.
    Swift action galore,
       Over the land they did pour,
       With a deafening roar.
    Horses racing,
       Wagons tracing,
       Men on foot chasing.
    Some won,
       Some got none,
       Went back home done.
    Sooners did scheme,
       To hideout by a stream,
       Beat others of their dream.
    A time of greed,
       Fights over a deed,
       Cases to plead.
    Many who came that way,
       Started a new life with little delay,
       Had a new home to live and pray.
    A new state was born that day,
       A state built a winning way,
       One State, One Day.

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