Sweet Words Flow
When Sweet Words Easily Flow Forever

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    Sweet words easily flow,
       About the loveliest lady I know,
       The prettiest to ever wear a bow.
    This one I met long ago,
       The only love I ever came to know,
       My undying love did I bestow.
    After these years your grace still radiantly aglow,
       Your sweetness never ceases to flow,
       Your beauty as striking as our first hello.
    Your smile still makes my happiness flow,
       Your touch and my blood warms its flow,
       Your embrace stirs desires of romance to flow.
    I gave a devotion you would always know,
       I gave a love no bounds would ever know,
       You have a love that will never plateau.
    Sweet words will forever flow, 
       From the one God brought your love to know,
       To you, who God formed my love to know.

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