Last Sunset
Last flare of rose and gold.

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  • Renew
    Winters of many, we saw come and go,
       Warm gentle breezes of spring show.
    Melting winter snow, down the rivers flow,
       Spring flowers show, now mighty oaks grow.
    Now our autumn sun slowly sets in amber glow,
       We enjoy our last flares of gold and rose.
    We reflect on how our love did always grow,
       When it turned slow, you never let it show.
    With your kindness a wonderful love still grew,
       Now I know, life without you, will be forever blue,
    Now all the time, all my mind can do,
       Is think, how much more I now need you.
     Last flares of my sun's final glow,
    	As I watch my Rose sink below.
    Inspired by my Grandma Rose.

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