A Rose For An Angel
My Rose now heavens' chosen rose.

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    Outside a peaceful falling snow,
       Inside a warm fireplace glow.
    Alone with the Rose my heart holds so close,
       We share precious fleeting moments before repose.
    Her life so near the close,
       Her smile as tender as a fresh budding rose.
    The end so near for one so dear I feel,
       It turns the moment surreal.
    Holding that strikingly beautiful pose,
       She drifts into a peacefully doze.
    My love for her still grows,
       In her precious soul's final glow.
    Suddenly there appears an angel in glow,
       Smiling and holding a golden rose.
    My broken heart froze,
       My mind lost compose.
    The angel softly says, "you will always know,
       All of heaven will now enjoy a brighter glow."
    As the angel gently lifts my Rose,
       Over my heart she places the golden rose.
    Into heaven the joy of my heart goes,
       While my lonely tear flows.
    Now my heart does wilt,
      While I mourn in selfish guilt.
    As I look up for a last glimpse of my Rose,
       I see there are two angels that go.
    The Rose my heart had so close, 
       Is now heavens' chosen rose.
    Inspired by my Grandma Rose.

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