A Hot Pink Mink
This maiden of pink, made me rethink

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  • Renew
    To ever again see love I didn't think,
       You a maiden of hot pink, made me rethink,
       To my armor your tenderness brought a chink.
    Here is what You make me think,
       When I start to think about you, 
       I think about what I think of you.
    I think of words that rhyme with pink, 
       Then I dip my pen in ink, and ink what I think,
       These are the words that did flow in ink.
    Harmonious love I met in a wink,
       Sweeter than a fruit drink,
       Hotter than hot pink.
    When you catch a wink,
       Your tender love I want to drink,
       About you I will forever think.
    Oh, you pretty little mink,
       When I see you in that hot pink,
       Then I can't even think.

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