Lonely Graves Of Heroes
Freedom they gave, for those too busy to care.

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    Blades of an old windmill vane,
       Shades of a bygone window pane,
       Fades as a lunar wane.
    Lives at the end of their reign,
       Bodies to rest are lain,
       We can't let them go in vain.
    Crowns these did attain,
       Their souls aboard heavens train,
       Only in loving hearts memories remain.
    These left their stain,
       Paid our price with pain,
       Can we let the souls pass not in vain?
    The young never learned,
       The respect they earned,
       Their due now spurned.
    Don't let their sacrifices fade,
       Lost in a busy life's shade,
       Their life's works betrayed.
    For us they fought,
       Our way of life brought,
       Don't let their sacrifices go for naught.
    A thousand a day, passing away,
       Yet what respect do we pay,
       Or ever look their way?
    The young look another way,
       To movie and sport stars at play,
       For the hero's they follow today.
    What a sad day,
       While we are free to play,
       In lonely graves heroes lay.

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