Happiness Forevermore
On a secret island with a love store.

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    A Yore of Lore,
       About the one I fell for,
       The one I totally adore.
    Didn't know I was lonely before,
       But, not anymore more,
       You are what I was lonely for.
    You are all I could ask for,
       What my quest was for,
       Sweet and lovely galore.
    You showed me what a heart is for,
       You make happiness soar,
       Romance shout and roar.
    No part of life a bore,
       Or a chore, anymore,
       You brought happiness forevermore.
    Still each day I adore you more,
       Wanting your love more and more,
       And, hold you in my heart's core.
    In my heart there will no more,
       No other I could love anymore,
       You have locked and bolted the door.
    Now let me row you to the shore,
       On a secret island with a love store,
       Supply you happiness forevermore.

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