Trauma Momma Queen
A Humorous Tale About A Queen Of Mean

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    Have you ever seen,
       A trauma momma queen,
       I mean a real queen of mean.
    Not just a grump,
       But, a downright rump,
       And princess of the tear pump.
    Always making a scene,
       Trying to remake life as only she deems,
       Tells it with her mighty screams.
    Always her say,
       Only her way,
       Monarch of the righteous way.
    Keeper of the smart pump,
       Every man a chump,
       Deserving of her wicked tongue dump.
    Recruiting every woman for her team,
       To follow her supreme regime,
       And, spout her enlightened theme.
    Hostess of the pity me parties,
       Loves a trash the men parley,
       Never the woman's fault, even partly.
    Trauma Momma Mean,
       Obscene mean,
       Can't tolerate anything serene.

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