Looking For Good Women!
A good woman is like man's faithful dog!

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    Every man deserves a good woman,
       Man gave his rib for an adoring woman,
       A loyal, forgiving, respectful woman.
    A woman easy to train,
       Not a liberated brain,
       Spewing blame and complain.
    One always waiting at the door, 
       Never acting sore,
       Nor keeping score.
    Never in a moody way,
       Always happy to obey,
       When a man says stay.
    Her man is never wrong,
       He can stay gone long,
       Her love stays strong.
    Her man can roam,
       While she waits at home,
       Stays off the phone.
    Her man can be late,
       She will wait,
       That perfect mate.
    He can come home,
       Strange lipstick on,
       She is happy with a bone.
    Money she doesn't' require,
       Shopping for new attire,
       She doesn't desire.
    A mood without swing,
       A mind without change,
       A mouth without complain.
    A man deserves a woman like his faithful dog.
    Or, we want our ribs back

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