The Dust Bowl
Covering the central areas of the US and Canada

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    The Dust Bowl

    The Dust Bowl covered the central areas of the US and Canada, and was caused by a combination of man's misuse of the land and the wrath of nature.

    The seeds of economic problems that caused the depression and the beginnings of the drought that created the Dust Bowl were coming into being at approximately the same time. Around 1930. And, both continued to the end of the 1930's.

    By the end the 1930s, many children born in that decade would have no understanding of normalcy, only knowing poverty, hunger and a world of dust. That generation never experienced comfort and security. Never experienced fulfilled hopes and dreams. They only knew a life of gloom, sadness and unanswered prayers.

    The Dust Bowl along with the emergence of mechanized farming would facilitate the rapid demise of an agricultural based economy and rural living. As the Depression and Dust Bowl were coming to an end, WW II would transition the country to a new economy. The labor of small family farmers' would move to the cities to build the agriculture machines that would replace them.

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