Sail A Romantic Tide
To where flowers of happiness reign

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  • Renew
    Words of joy rise in my throat,
       As mine eyes soak your beauty,
       My hands stroke your silky hair.
    My heart does swell in tenderness,
       These lips quiver to press your mouth,
       Kiss your warm soft neck.
    I desire to mold with your soul,
       To nightly hold your sweet caress,
       Bask in your soothing sweet smile.
    Sail to an island on the next romantic tide,
       Go where happiness will never subside,
       Lie by your side, as we freely confide.
    There we will bath in passion oils,
       Drink from the glass of romance,
       Dance while angels sing.
    Sleep in a bed of love needs,
       Wake as birds softly sing,
       Where flowers of happiness reign

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