Bird of Love Poetry
Dove bird and honey bee playing cupid

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    This love poetry,
       About a bird and a bee,
       Sitting on a sugar tree.
    While sitting under this sugar tree,
       I did hear this bird and this bee,
       Talking about sweet you and me.
    This bird of love named you, the sweet she,
       And, the very one sitting under this sugar tree,
       "Is the he", said the dove to the bee.
    "Oh, the perfect match that would be,"
       The bee did most heartily agree,
       "She for he, he for she."
    I said to the dove, did you say sugar she and me?
       "Yes, you see, it can only be you and sugar she."
       "Yes siree, I totally agree", said the bee with glee!
    A bird of love, telling a bee,
       It was meant to be, sugar she and he.
       A perfect love you and me.
    And you the prettiest one I ever did see,
       The sweetest girl that ever be,
       Is the one who was meant for me.
    Straight from a bird of love, on a sugar tree
       Witnessed by a honey bee, it is you and me!
       What we knew it to be, is meant to be!

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