Get Away, Got Away
A man's view of family auto trips

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    A family day,
       A little get away.
       Get away, get away.
    Sweet family way,
       Future memories day.
       A fun day, a fun day.
    Take the bonding way,
       That fond motoring way.
       Get away, get away.
    Cruise the ole highway, 
       Listen to some music play,
       Sing away, sing away.
    I hear someone say,
       Can we stop at the bay?
       Stop and play, stop and play.
    Now it comes in play,
       That trauma Momma way.
       Not this day, not this day!
    To undercut my way,
       She raised the kids her way.
       Only her way, only her way.
    Litter of sour grumps,
       Breed during mental slump.
       Sour grumps, sour grumps.
    With her mean queen trump,
       She says "you are a rump."
       Are a rump, are a rump.
    I say, "Say, Queen Grump,
       Are those grey hair clumps?"
       Grey clumps, grey clumps.
    Here comes pity pump,
       Child sympathy tear pump.
       Pity pump, pity pump.
    Justice begs, "Your Rump,
       Is it gaining some plump?"
       A plump rump, a plump rump. 
    On me they all jump,
       Dumping mean daddy lumps.
       Dad the chump, Dad the chump.
    Not my say, this day,
       Or any day, sad to say.
       Ne'er my way, ne'er my way.
    Now beaten I say,
       "Let us go to the bay?"
       Have your way, have your way.
    In the car I stay,
       And say, "don't wait on me.
       Go jump in, have a swim.'
    Plan my get away,
       Sneak away, while they play.
       Sneak away, sneak away. 
    Is now a great day,
       The ole dad, goes his way.
       Got away, got away.

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